Changing the Future of Health Care

Welcome to the HealthCare Practitioner program with Dr Joe Dispenza – led by Inner Health Coalition.

As Dr Joe’s community has grown over the past decade, more and more medical professionals have attended his retreats – and many are healing through his work.

In recent years, a growing number have asked members of Dr Joe’s Encephalon staff how to responsibly share his work with their colleagues and patients.

In this community, we work diligently to continually understand how we can serve better – and serve more. So, in response to the need among our advanced students with medical and clinical backgrounds, Dr Joe created Inner Health Coalition and the HealthCare Practitioner program. Our mission is to support HCPs interested in integrating his work into their clinical practice – in pragmatic, impactful, and innovative ways.

About Inner Health Coalition

IHC is committed to empowering healthcare practitioners with innovative, science-based tools that measurably improve patient outcomes and healthcare culture through a unique blend of self-awareness, meditation, and novel patient-centered strategies for personal change and transformation.

Our Mission

To implement a robust meditation and self-regulation treatment model, empowering healthcare providers and patients to thrive and heal faster, creating a paradigm shift in standard clinical practice and healthcare culture worldwide.

Our Vision

For validated self-regulation and personal transformation and meditation practices to become the global standard of care – to help manage stress, treat disease, and thrive.

Our Purpose

To meet the need for healthcare providers and patients to access robust science and practical tools, allowing them to experience their power to heal and thrive.

HealthCare Practitioner Program

Guided by Inner Health Coalition, the HealthCare Practitioner program with Dr Joe Dispenza supports a coalition of HCPs who share a passion for responsibly integrating Dr Joe’s work into their clinical practice and raising awareness with their colleagues.

The 12-week course, tailored for advanced students of Dr Joe’s work, focuses on supporting HCPs in ways that facilitate connection, learning, and a shared desire to contribute to the evolution of health care.

Within this global online community, participants explore innovative, science-based tools designed to enhance patient outcomes and foster a unified healthcare culture. This encompasses a unique blend of cutting-edge research, self-awareness, meditation practices, and patient-centered strategies for personal change and transformation.

“From a professional and personal standpoint, Inner Health Coalition is such a profound program and resource for clinicians worldwide. The concepts we learn from Dr Carla, Dr Joe, NCS, clinical case discussions, and discussions with the research team are so groundbreaking and thought-provoking in their approach to healing our patients from the inside out. This program serves as a catalyst for the future of medicine and health care. Even more important than all these amazing benefits is the community we have formed as a collective of like-minded healers. The discussions amongst the members are rich, engaging, and continue to evolve in the highest level of support for us clinicians going on this healthcare journey with Dr Joe. Thank you.”

– Sara, M.D.

“I loved many things in this program, but especially loved the interdisciplinary case discussion, Dr Hemal’s research findings discussion, and Margaret’s Autism coherence healing results, and interacting with other members. The NCS course is so important for us to learn and re-learn to apply in our daily medical practice. It has helped me stay at ease and in joy without feeling overwhelmed – and is helping me create the future I want. Super grateful and in loving joy for all the energy and work you all have done to make this happen! Especially to Dr Carla who has been in our journey daily with so much love, experience, and patience.”

– Evelyn, Lead Physician

“This program is chock full of goodies that are giving me priceless gems for both my professional and personal transformations. And what a great community of people! Loving the integration of HeartMath coherence training, professional NeuroChangeSolutions coursework (my favorite!), guided Dr Joe meditations, scientific studies and research programs, and loads of up-close and personal case studies. Gems in this coursework have upped my personal practices and markedly transformed my professional work with clients, allowing me to level-up to the integration that I had been envisioning. So grateful for this work with Dr Joe, Dr Carla, Dr Hemal, and their extended team, and for our incredible community – highly recommended!! And I’m really looking forward to some of the developments and tools that are coming!”

– Ragani, Clinical Psychologist and Acupuncturist

“I truly enjoyed attending the HealthCare Practitioner Program. Dr Carla is an amazing facilitator and trainer. I was inspired by the case studies of healings and the unique perspectives of all the varied practitioners. I could tell a difference in the meditations – doing them as a group versus doing them on my own. I also was introduced to many more meditations I had not done. The “Change Your Mind. Create New Results.” class opened the door to new language for Dr Joe’s process that our patients could more easily relate to. Finally, hearing from Dr Hemal and Dr Joe on the research being done and where they are headed was fascinating.”

– Debra, Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Nurse

“This program allowed me to review and learn more aspects of Dr Joe’s work. I met great people – with whom we discussed how Dr Joe’s work influences our job. All sessions were great moments, I can only recommend this course.”

– Marie-Louise, Anesthesiologist

Program Structure

Hosted on the Mighty Networks online platform – which allows community members to conveniently connect, learn, and collaborate – the program includes the following elements:


Live Sessions with Dr Joe, Dr Hemal Patel, Dr Rollin McCraty, and other team members – hosted approximately twice a month for one hour.

Sessions will be very interactive and include:

  • Q&A on clinically relevant topics with Dr Joe.
  • Research presentations and Q&A with Dr Hemal and other members of the research team.
  • HeartMath Institute presentations and Q&A with Dr Rollin and Dr Carla Stanton.
    • These include working with HeartMath’s Global Coherence™ App and Inner Balance™ sensor technology to understand the principles of heart coherence – and collectively measure our HCP community’s social coherence in real time.

Dr Joe’s "Change Your Mind. Create New Results."

Because these sessions are not recorded, we offer the same content twice each week. The 90-minute sessions occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays with content and concepts adapted to focus on the needs and issues unique to HCPs and their patients.


SOT Clinical Discussions

We’ll discuss Stories of Transformation from Dr Joe’s community for one hour approximately every other week, providing an opportunity for HCP members to connect with one another, weigh in on clinical topics, and discuss the application of Dr Joe’s work in the context of the case presented.

Weekend Group Meditations

As these sessions also are not recorded, we offer the same meditation multiples times each weekend for 60 to 90 minutes.

  • Members will have the opportunity to participate in a weekly Dr Joe meditation – and experience it as a group.

Ad-hoc Live Sessions

To support the evolving needs of the community – and welcome and help members understand and navigate the Mighty Networks platform.

Opportunities to contribute to an evolving Toolkit for HCPs and patients

Including helpful research links, literature, testimonials, and more.

Interested in the HealthCare Practitioner program?

HealthCare Practitioner Program Events

Plans are under way for a live U.S. retreat with Dr Joe – especially for HCP members. Stay tuned for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining the HealthCare Practitioner program?

The program will empower HCPs to:

  • Meaningfully connect with a like-minded community of purpose-driven peers to begin modeling a “new normal” for health care.
  • Quickly and effectively articulate Dr Joe’s concepts to your patients and colleagues.
  • Use practical resources based in Dr Joe’s work – including our most up-to-date research and documented healing cases – to better support your patients and colleagues.
  • Experience Dr Joe’s powerful “Change Your Mind. Create New Results.” sessions to better understand how to create change for yourself and your patients.
  • Deepen your meditation and self-regulation (heart coherence) practices
    • Through live Group Meditation sessions.
    • And through real-time heart-rate variability data collection using optional HeartMath technologies to further develop integrated social coherence for the group.
  • Secure priority attendance at our first in-person HCP event – provisionally planned for later this year (dates and location TBD).
  • Create further opportunities to support this work – including assisting with research and testimonials, presenting clinical cases, and more.
Will there be other opportunities following the program?

For those most committed, there will be an opportunity to join our IHC Alumni. This includes exclusive access to additional training as well as opportunities to:

  • Assist with Institutional Review Board (IRB) and non-IRB-approved research, including:
    • Presenting testimonials collected at events (non-IRB).
    • Cataloging research papers that support Dr Joe’s work (non-IRB).
    • Writing chart reviews and case histories for publishing (IRB).
    • Providing patient cohorts for future IRB-approved interventions (IRB).
  • Present cases during Live Sessions.
  • Host live meditation sessions for our HCP community.
  • Attend select advanced retreats to support the research team or collect healing testimonials onsite.
Who has been invited to join the program?

Invitations are extended to a variety of internationally based HCPs who are advanced students of Dr Joe’s work. The intention is to select a diverse group of highly qualified members who can contribute their complementary skills and cultural perspectives to the collective. Approximately 120 HCPs will be selected from those invited to apply, and they will be accompanied by approximately 120 other HCPs who already have completed the program – and will share their wisdom and experience with new participants.

What are the expectations for an HCP joining this membership program?

Integrity – Given the obligation we have as healthcare providers to “first, do no harm” – and the calculated risks we all must face whenever we enter any healthcare relationship – we ask that you responsibly learn and apply this work in the most conscientious way to ensure you protect your patients and your practice. This includes ensuring you have appropriate indemnity cover to support you in using these materials within your scope of practice.

Flexibility – To serve the needs of our community and effectively create – as well as deliver – this information in the most impactful, innovative, and responsible way, we kindly ask you to remain open and flexible. As this program evolves, it is our intention to listen closely to the needs of our HCP members – and to continually adapt and develop the program together.

What is NOT included in the program?

Please note, this program will NOT permit HCP program members to:

  • Teach Dr Joe’s work to groups of patients or colleagues.
  • Promote their own work – including publicizing their collaboration with Dr Joe or misusing the HCP community to solicit other business opportunities.
  • Engage in unproductive criticism of current healthcare culture or other healing modalities.
  • Collate educational content for which they can officially claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits – though this is something we would look to create in time.
What if I want to leave the program once it’s started?

If you wish to leave the program at any time, you may inform us directly via email. Depending on your circumstances and the timing of your request, we will work with you to negotiate a mutually agreeable refund.

When are the Live Sessions with Dr Joe?
To accommodate our international community, these one-hour sessions will most frequently be hosted at 12 p.m. Pacific on Wednesdays or Fridays. All sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend.
When are the SOT Clinical Discussions?

The one-hour SOT Clinical Discussions will take place on alternative Wednesdays at 12 p.m. Pacific. These sessions will be recorded.

When are the Ad-hoc Live Sessions?
These sessions, typically an hour long, take place according to the needs of the community. Generally, we try to schedule them on the Wednesdays when SOT Clinical Discussions aren’t being discussed. These sessions will be recorded.
When are the live NCS "Change Your Mind. Create New Results." sessions with Dr Joe?

To accommodate our international community – and because these sessions aren’t recorded – the same content will be delivered twice each week; every Tuesday at 12 p.m. Pacific and every Thursday at 8 a.m. Pacific.

Please note: While all other Live Sessions are 1 hour, NCS Sessions are 1.5 hours. Please plan accordingly.

"What if I can’t attend either of the weekly NCS "Change Your Mind. Create New Results." sessions?"

We understand HCP schedule demands and conflicts. If you must miss an NCS session or two, we suggest finding a study partner to review notes and homework that week.

If you’re unable to attend any NCS sessions, you might consider applying for a different cohort in the spring, summer, or fall – depending on your schedule.

What days are the live Weekend Group Meditations?

To accommodate our global community, the same meditation will be offered several times each weekend at different times. These sessions are entirely optional and will NOT be recorded.

Will a schedule be provided prior to the program beginning?

Yes, acceptance letters and program schedules will be sent out approximately one month prior to the start of each program session.

Time zone conversion for above sessions: If you’re unsure of your time zone, please click here.

Register to learn more about future HealthCare Practitioner program sessions

If you have attended at least one Week Long Advanced Retreat with Dr Joe Dispenza and work in one of the professions listed below, you may register your interest in becoming a program applicant using this form:

Certified and Registered Acupuncturist

Certified and Registered Dietician

Certified and Registered Nutritional Therapist

Chiropractic Doctor


Doctor of Podiatry

Medical Doctor

Mental Health Professional

Nurse Practitioner

Naturopathic Doctor

Occupational Therapist

Osteopathic Doctor


Physical Therapist

Physician Assistant


Registered Nurse

If you are selected as a potential candidate for an upcoming program session, we will invite you to apply – via email – two to three months before the next scheduled session.

If you have further questions, contact us at